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Phone Sex Tips For Men WORK

Trying to keep it hot during long-distance can be be tough. One particular problem is the lack of physical intimacy. A great work-around to compensate for this is by trying phone sex. It's usually not as good as the real thing, but it is particularly good at bridging the gap until you do see each other again.

phone sex tips for men


You might think that always using Skype for phone sex is best. The funny thing is that I always advise people to alternate between the using Skype and a cell phone for phone sex. Why? The reason is to change things up.

If you are having phone sex two or three times a week, you are eventually going to fall into a routine, which is a real killer for your relationship. On Skype, when using a webcam, you are going to be able to see each other completely. This is certainly hot and lets you know exactly what they are doing, but your cell phone has its benefits, too.

If it's your first time having phone sex with someone, you may be both nervous and excited about it at the same time. You may be eager to immediately dive in to being explicit and telling your partner exactly what you want to do to them. A much better way to make the overall phone sex experience better is to slowly build up to actually getting sexual. This will help to build sexual tension and anticipation.

While you are telling your partner what to do, you need to be telling them what you are doing as well. Let them know exactly what you are doing to arouse yourself, turn yourself on and get yourself off. This is the basic strategy to have phone sex with your partner.

A great way to make phone sex more fun is to use sex toys during it. There are great sex toys available for both guys and girls to replace the real thing. Now, some people may be embarrassed or ashamed to be using sex toys during sex, but there is nothing weird at all about it. It's just a great way to replicate the real thing.

Just like I advise people to use Skype as well as their regular cell phone to spice things up, you can also try sending each other sexts and sexy pictures. Just remember that once you send someone a sext or sexy picture, they can potentially keep it forever, so trust is absolutely crucial before you try either.

One final word of advice about phone sex: The first few times you have it, it's inevitably going to be a bit awkward and even a little weird. You'll find that the more you have it with your partner, the better it will get and the more relaxed both of you will be during it, so do your best to keep going even if you find it a bit awkward or weird.

Come up with a list of role-play fantasies, playthings, spanking specifics, etc. and ask your partner over the phone if it'd be a yes, no, or maybe for them to try on you. Here are some ideas to start with: light biting, bondage, lap dance, orgasm denial, rimming, etc. It's like a sexy homework assignment, but instead of an A, you'll get an orgasm.

Imagine you had that sexy conversation right as your partner was about to leave work and come home? Just IMAGINE the sparks that would fly as soon as they walked through that door. This is also a good tip for couples new to the phone-sex game. Treating phone sex as sexy little appetizing pieces can help take some of the pressure off.

I looked online for "telephone acting gigs," which is how the job was advertised. Companies looked for "talent," not sex workers or snake oil salesmen. The best money was in being a psychic, but I didn't think I could fake it. The idea of lying to people who might actually be looking for help or comfort made me uncomfortable. Horny dudes looking to get off? Those were people I didn't mind exploiting.

At first, I was shocked. I'd answer the phone in my sultriest voice, and before I'd even gotten through asking what their wildest fantasy was, they were moaning, "Oh, God!" and hanging up without saying goodbye.

Instead of answering the phone with a coy giggle or a, "Hey, stud," I was all business. I didn't bother listening for the tell-tale squelching noises. I snapped quickly and brusquely, "Hello, I'm prepared to connect you to a girl. Can you please describe your ideal operator?"

I continued to use that trick, pretending to be a dozen different girls, and my pay was pretty good. Men on the phone asked for strange things, and so long as I could make them wait for it, I obliged. While a phone sex operator in the U.S. isn't allowed to pretend to engage in a lot of illegal activities (pretending to be a family member, a minor, or an animal for example), they can explicitly pretend to be a person pretending to be those things. So when a guy would call and want to have phone sex with a mother and daughter at the same time, I could tell him I could pretend to be two people, but if I actually got another person on the line I'd get in trouble.

Having phone sex is way easier these days. You can do just about anything with your long-distance partner, even have phone sex with them. In this article, we share how to have phone sex. These ten tips will make men horny (your man) from just listening to you or texting you.

Sex in a physical state is amazing but when you are opting for phone sex, it is a different experience altogether. If you are looking for some amazing phone sex tips, then here is a list of pointers you might want to keep in mind.

Whether it be full-blown phone sex or light-hearted dirty talk, RedHot DateLine is one of the best places for uncensored phone fun.Having over 25 years of experience running phone sex lines, RedHot DateLine has developed a simple, yet effective, system for matching callers with the right partner. The service requires callers to record a personalized message, which is shared with others on the line. When two people find each other interesting, they can engage in a private phone chat.If you use RedHot DateLine, your identity will remain anonymous. Unlike many other companies, there are no paid operators on RedHot DateLine, meaning everyone you speak to is a real person looking for a bit of sexual excitement.The base package for men is 10 minutes for $4.99. However, new users can access an introductory promotion of 40 minutes for $9.99.

Vibeline is the most popular black phone chat service in North America, one that has been in operation since the 1990s.Although Vibeline can function as a phone sex chat line, many people are simply looking to connect with singles or like-minded people in their area. The service is completely free for women and men can try the service for 60 minutes free of charge. Moreover, Vibeline guarantees that all users are real people, meaning no paid operators.One interesting feature offered by Vibeline is the ability to add users to a hot list. This allows you to easily access people you developed a connection with at a later date.

When done right and with the right person, erotic phone play can be a sexually fulfilling experience. Even in the digital age of video chat and easily accessible pornography, a large number of people are still drawn to the intimate and creative nature of phone sex.If you would like to partake, but find yourself unsure of where to start, pick 3 or 4 sites from our list! After all, all offer free trials, meaning you have nothing to lose by trying.Related reading: Free OnlyFans

It should come as no surprise that the operators are told to keep their personal information strictly confidential. Stalkers and homophobes frequent these types of lines and they may try to contact the operators in person. Some callers become fixated upon the person who so vividly fulfilled their fantasies over the phone. The father mentioned how people would try to gather as much personal information as possible about the operators. The supervisors would constantly remind the operators to keep their information to themselves, although this is probably done to prevent liability suits.

It's the act of FaceTiming someone for the purposes of getting off together. It's just like traditional phone sex, but with the delicious bonus of a real-time, visual element. Typically, FaceTime sex sessions will involve dirty talk and masturbation. Sometimes, it's an extension of your IRL sex life, and sometimes, FaceTime sex is wonderfully different.

"When we're on the phone, it's easy to get distracted and not fully listen to the person on the other side. With FaceTime, that other person can see you, so you're more likely to remain engaged," says Mia Davis, CEO and founder of sex, sexuality, and wellness education platform Tabú. "You can also see your partner's facial expressions and body language, which gives you a better sense of how they are responding to you. This attentiveness is an important element of both virtual and IRL sex."

Despite the fact that the internet makes viewing or virtually participating in any type of sex pretty easy, some people prefer a good, old-fashioned phone conversation with another human live on the other line. Now, for the first time ever, 1-800-PHONESEX has released statistics providing an inside look into the minds of the men who routinely call in.

If you thought phone sex numbers were passe in this day and age, then you have another thing coming. These phone lines are actually alive and well, and you can definitely get in on this retro method of meeting new people.

As far as the free minutes go, this phone sex chat line offers a generous 30 minutes free of charge for first-time callers, which is way more than can be said about many other phone sex lines out there.

Plus, the official site has a blog dedicated to providing visitors and members with amazing tips and insider knowledge about the phone sex industry. This makes PSC one of the most impressive and in-depth numbers for some sexy, live connections today!

Lastly, Friendsation is a top erotic line to have some phone fun regardless of your sexual preference: this is a great number to call no matter your gender, as they cater to most - if not all - of them.


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