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Metal Slug Ps 2 Apk ((TOP))

the game's opening moments are, however, a well-fleshed out and cinematic experience. the opening screen features the sort of cheesy metal-themed music that you would expect from a snk game and features some very visually impressive cut-scenes. the opening sequence is very short, but the opening moments are fun and the cut-scenes are really quite striking.

Metal Slug Ps 2 Apk


using the multitude of weapon types, you can solve most puzzles by strategically jumping on, stabbing, shooting, and dodging your way through the level, and your biggest challenge will be to just stay alive. thankfully, snk designed the levels to be very easy, especially in the first half of the game. the game is also very forgiving with scoring, so even if youre not doing well, you can pick up the ball and keep on playing. an incredibly fun aspect of metal slug is that you can change weapons at any time, and are allowed to do so as often as you want, so its an ideal game for players who want to test out new combinations of attacks or items. in the first game, you start out with a machine gun and rocket launcher, but youll get a lot of other weapons over the course of the first half of the game, and the weapons you get later on are much more powerful. the second half of the game is even harder, with faster enemies and more complex levels, but even there you can pick up plenty of weapons along the way. if you want to play the most complete version, you should also check out the arcade version, which has the same number of levels but is much easier.

on a more general level, one of the most remarkable aspects of metal slug is its almost complete absence of dialogue. if youve never played a fighting game before, this might be a little jarring, but if you look back at the early 90s, fighting games tended to be much, much more dialog-centric than they are today. you could see the characters coming, and even sometimes the stage names of the characters and their attacks, since theyre usually based on classic movies. in fact, contra is one of the best examples of the dialog-centric fighting game, because you see the title screens before each round, and even get a short story about one of the characters. metal slug, on the other hand, has absolutely no dialogue at all. you get no story, no characters, nothing. even the background music is very vague, almost like it was designed for a collection of short films that you might find on tv or the radio. you just see a bunch of soldiers in a war, and there are no cutscenes to tell you anything, which is a very different experience.


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