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Fix FPS Drops While Gaming (Windows 10 Gaming O...

Are you experiencing massive fps drops issue while playing games (such as CS:GO, Quake Champions, Fortnite, Minecraft, PUBG, Dota, Overwatch, and League of Legends) in Windows 10/11? Don't worry. You're not the only one to fight against this trouble. Many users have reported that their games begin stuttering and hitching and there is huge fps drop suddenly/randomly, such as from 250 fps to 30-50 fps and from 60 fps to 30 fps, after they finish Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade, Windows 10 Update such as the November 2019 Update (version 1909), or Windows 10 reinstallation. How can we fix Windows 10/11 fps drops in games? In this guide, we will walk you through the fixes to solve fps drop issue while gaming in Windows 10/11.

Fix FPS Drops While Gaming (Windows 10 Gaming O...

When you get fps drops while gaming, you can try to close other background programs, clean caches, reinstall your game, and disable antivirus, and see if the fps can get back to normal. If these tweaks don't work, there are other 5 fixes for you.

Fullscreen Optimizations is a Windows 10 gaming-oriented feature used to boost gaming performance and deliver a borderless full screen for gamers. However, it can cause FPS drops while playing in Windows 10. below are the steps to turn off Fullscreen Optimizations.

FPS, also known as Frames Per Second and frame rate, is an important factor for a good gaming experience. Many popular computer video games require a high FPS to work properly, so a lot of game lovers are dedicated to increasing the FPS on the computer to get smoother gameplay.

Commonly, game developers will give the system requirements of the game once the game was released to play, both the minimum and recommended requirements. The former refers to the minimum hardware and software specs that you need to make the game playable on your computer. The latter allows you to play the game on relatively high settings and maintain good gaming experiences.

If you are using a hard drive disk, upgrading to an SSD could be a quite effective method to improve gaming performance and solve the low FPS problem. Compared with buying a gaming laptop and building a gaming PC, upgrading the original hard drive to a faster SSD is much more cost-effective for ordinary game players.

Certain background programs are known for resource-hogging, making them quite unwelcome while gaming. Disabling their respective background processes should improve the in-game performance and reduce FPS drops.

Whether it is about changing the in-game settings, or about investing in a GPU to take your gaming to the next level, there is always room for improvement when it comes to how we take care of our PCs.

Keeping in mind the Intel Turbo Boost option, whenever you are gaming, always choose to use the battery plan which offers maximum performance, especially when you have a gaming laptop. Check out our detailed guide on Ultimate Performance Power Plan for Windows 11/10.Read next: Game Booster Software to boost gaming performance.

That said, using these apps will only help you update your graphics card driver. With Auslogics Driver Updater, you can easily download and install updates for other device drivers that also affect your gaming performance.

Antivirus programs can drag your gaming performance down when they scan your game files and even block them. Many security applications are guilty of blocking legitimate games because they see them as threats due to their resource-demanding nature.

Hello, i have the Same Problem as the other User. I own a new g7 7700 i7 10750 with rtx 2070 super, win 10 home After some gaming the frequence is reduced from 50 FPS to under 20 FPS. My question: ist there a more elegant was than changing the BIOS. What Changes are necessary top use it as a gaming device (Sold for gaming)?

Only thing not changed is the cpu and ssd. I have completely wiped the ssd and reinstalled windows. I only watch discord streams while I'm gaming and it works completely fine until I start trying to watch video on the 2nd monitor. All hardware acceleration is off that I can find. Just unplugging the 2nd monitor and the system goes back to normal

This is a known problem in the community, It's actually due to a DirectX Kernel that make high spike latency on the computer...Nothing can be done to undo that..just wait for AMD to fix it..turn off your second monitor while gaming or get another low cost gpu to run second screen on it.

The second way to fix game stuttering is by disabling fullscreen optimization. Fullscreen optimization makes your games run smoother and more responsive, but it can also make them run more slowly in some situations. Disabling fullscreen optimization will make your games run faster, but if you have a high-end video card or processor, it might not be ideal for gaming at all.

Frames-per-second, or FPS, is an extremely important stat for competitive shooters. The smoother your game, the faster your reaction time, and the easier it is to track moving targets. This is why streamers and pros spend thousands of dollars on their gaming rigs.

If your laptop has discrete graphics (dGPU), dGPU has better graphic performance than integrated GPU. We recommend to set dGPU as the preferred graphics processor for games to optimize the gaming experience.

Armoury Crate is an integrated application developed for the ASUS ROG series and TUF series of gaming laptops and desktops, and you can quickly adjust the system performance and related settings via Armoury Crate. Here you can learn more about Armoury Crate introduction. The following provides some suggestions for optimizing the gaming experience:

To have the best gaming experience, we recommend that you should adjust the Fan settings to Turbo mode. This mode configures the system performance as the top priority and keeps in high performance.

SSD has a better read/write speed than original HDD (Hard Disk Drive), it can optimize your gaming experience as well. Here you can learn more about How to check currently installed drives information.

Most games run between 30 and 60 FPS. At rates like these, things will look pretty smooth (though many gamers will swear that nothing short of a steady 60 FPS is acceptable). For competitive gameplay and a super-smooth experience, most gaming monitors and new gaming laptops operate at speeds of 144 to 360 Hz, which allow for extremely smooth gameplay and lower latency.

All Nvidia drivers come with their own control panels that give you more power over your graphics settings and performance to optimize your PC for gaming. Go through the list of options and tweak them to increase FPS and find the right balance between performance and visual quality for your PC.To get to the Nvidia Control Panel, right-click on your desktop, select Nvidia Control Panel, and choose the Manage 3D Settings category on the left. These are some of the lesser-known but still important settings to tweak:

Every little bit helps when it comes to increasing FPS on your gaming laptop. You can prevent apps, including Windows services, from running in the background to conserve valuable system resources and optimize your PC for gaming.

Yes. A CPU struggling to keep up with intense gaming can cause low FPS, so overclocking the CPU can help. To learn whether you can overclock your system safely, stress test your CPU so you know what it can handle.

Yes. upgrading your graphics card or overclocking your graphics card can provide a significant FPS boost, even more than upgrading your CPU or RAM. Check out our guide on how to monitor your GPU temperature and learn how upgrading or overclocking your GPU can help boost your gaming rig.

Only a gamer knows how frustrating it is to see the screen stutter while playing the game. A sudden FPS drop would ruin the whole gaming experience and irritates gamers. There are many reasons why this happens the robust mechanisms at the backend of your PC to run the games. Today, through this article, we will try to know the reasons and try them out one by one to fix the game stuttering on Windows 11.

The gaming sector has developed its foundations and improved its structure over the decades. The modern gaming society has improved its dynamics and presented various genres with hundreds and thousands of fans following. This led to numerous gamers introducing the need to record gameplays and screens for different viewers to watch. Frames Per Second or FPS in the game video is the rate at which back to back images called frames appear in a form moving imagery.

The best platform presents the perfect tools, prices, and environment to work on. Wondershare DemoCreator offers the gaming community a simple and efficient platform under a low-price tag, following a balanced ambiance that allows you to screencast and edit your recordings with ease. The DemoCreator game recorder provides you with an expansive library of effects, transitions, and filters that can be effectively consumed to enhance the recording model. What's more, it not only gives you a 60fps, 120fps recording but attenuates an advanced audio mixer covering all the dynamics of audio and the video within a single platform. 041b061a72


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