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Where To Buy Tena Protective Underwear

Incontinence FOR TESTING PURPOSES IMAGE FOR ACCESSORIES: FOR TESTING PURPOSES ID: 8 IMAGE: tena-scented-body-wash.jpg Skin Care View All TENA ProductsChanging lives, one person at a time.At Personally Delivered, we will ensure that youget the right TENA incontinence products along with unmatched customer service. If you are looking for overnight protection, TENA offers an excellent selection of products. The TENA Intimates Overnight Bladder Control Pads and the TENA Overnight Protective Underwear are two of our most popular selling TENA incontinence products. TENA Overnight incontinence products offer the protection needed to keep you dry and comfortable all through the night. TENA pads, briefs, protective underwear, and bed pads are available in various sizes, styles, and absorbencies.

where to buy tena protective underwear

Tena Men Protective Underwear have a modern design to fit, look and feel like everyday men's underwear and at the same time give extra protection for moderate to heavy urine loss. Tena Men Protective Underwear are anatomically designed to give men protection where they need it most. The contoured design gives a comfortable fit and helps prevent leakage and embarrassment. The striped design cloth-like outer fabric is soft and crinkle-free more like standard underwear for discreet wearing.

Tena Men Protective Underwear are 40% more absorbent than other brands of protective underwear. The advanced Dry Fast Core technology employs super-absorbent MicroBeads to absorb and lock away moisture for leakage protection. Tena Men Protective Underwear are pH balanced to neutralize urine for maximum odor control and feeling fresh.

Tena is proud to announce an exciting expansion to their protection underwear lineup... TENA Protective Underwear Overnight Super, their highest absorbency protective underwear, with protection against leaks, odor and moisture to help wearers stay dry, secure and confident.

TENA For Men is an exciting product specifically designed for the light bladder leakage needs of men. TENA For Men is an anatomically designed, cup-shaped product that creates a snug, secure fit where men need it most. The adhesive strip keeps the liner securely and discreetly fastened and works with regular close fitting brief style underwear. TENA for Men pads are individually wrapped for convenient portability. Also, TENA for Men pads are an ideal solution for men post-prostate surgery.

TENA Extra Absorbency Protective Underwear is a high absorbency disposable underwear that can be pulled on like underwear. Designed for heavier leakage, this extra protective underwear has a cloth-like top sheet that can be stretched to fit the user better than standard tab-style underwear. For faster removal the underwear has tear-away style fasteners. Faster removal means less time to make a change when needed. The underwear is white in color for better overall visibility as well. 041b061a72


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