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NGC Super Mario Sunshine JPN 50

In 1997, a graphics hardware design company called ArtX was launched with twenty engineers who had previously worked at SGI. ArtX was led by Wei Yen, who had been SGI's head of Nintendo Operations and of Project Reality, which from 1993 to 1996 had scaled SGI's supercomputer design down to become the Nintendo 64.[12][13]

NGC Super Mario Sunshine JPN 50

Coming from Clover Studio, Capcom's starry development team behind the likes of Okami and God Hand with members who would go on to form PlatinumGames, this sequel continues movie-obsessed Joe's story as he becomes a superhero and teams up with his girlfriend, Sexy Silvia, to defend humanity from an alien invasion. Very similar to the first game, it oozes style and energy from every pore, although it lacks a co-op multiplayer mode you might expect from a sequel. Still a belter, though.

Sad to not see either Pokémon Colosseum or XD: Gale of Darkness on this list, but not surprised either. I will fully admit I am super biased towards those games, as Colosseum was not only my first GameCube game, but my first 'game' period.

@NeonPizza That is true, especially at the end of the game, the combat can get tiresome. That and the amount of backtracking. But it is still an excellent game, just not one of the best of all time. It is third place among paper Mario games for me, behind oragami king and super paper Mario.

Everyone knows Michael Vick, and his character was so powerful in this game that they had to tone him down in future versions. The 2004 Madden Vick now appears on super teams, like the Gold Racer from F1 Grand Prix on the N64!

The Twin Snakes also has brainier AI bots that team up to take you down. In my opinion, this title is the perfect remake of the individual, keeping all the classic elements but supercharging them to 11!

Joe must use the V-Watch to transform into Viewtiful Joe, a super-hero that looks a little like the Red Ranger from Power Rangers, and navigate his way through the film world. He must defeat villains along the way in order to rescue his girlfriend and put a stop to all of this madness once and for all!

Lewis, S. R.; Bending, V. L.; Charnay, B.; Cho, J. Y.-K.; Dawson, J.; Lebonnois, S.; Mendonça, J.; Montabone, L.; Polichtchouk, I.; Thrastarson, H. Th. and Wang, Y. (2014). Atmospheric super-rotation in solar system and extra-solar planetary atmospheres. In: Exoclimes III: The Diversity of Planetary Atmospheres, 9-14 Feb 2014, Davos, Switzerland.


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