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Santiago Phillips

Sabapathy (1941): A Timeless Comedy Gem Starring T. R. Ramachandran and Kali N. Rathnam

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Sabapathy Old Tamil Movie Free Download 19

the only negative aspect of the movie is the villain, p. sathyan, as played by raja, who is one of the most under-utilized villains in recent times. a veteran of tamil cinema, raja is one of the most talented and gifted actors. but, because of his decent looks, his stints as the villain have been few.

with the exception of the first 20 minutes, sabapathy fails to achieve the required emotional impact. it is only towards the end that the movie becomes interesting, thanks to the antics of the local goons who try to get their hands on the bag. the backstory of the wife of santhanam who has not been seen in a while in this movie and her coming back to haunt the protagonist is a cute twist. cooku with comali is a comedy that is not devoid of humour.

the movie is complete with come-ons -santhanam, a wannabe gangster, is forced to find a briefcase in a church - and a paisa-thicker plot that needs a bit of tweaking to work. but, one would still watch this movie for its message of redemption.

r srinivasa raos sabapathy reminded me of mr. denton on doomsday, an episode from rod serlings cult classic tv series, the twilight zone. in the latter, fate, personified as a strange salesman, saves a former gunslingers life from chronic alcoholism and a fatally dangerous duel by giving him a gun and a tiny bottle of magical potion. fate, which is usually blamed by humans for their misfortunes, lends a helping hand to a fallen man.


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